Parasailing in Key Largo

I took Sunday off from diving so I could recover from too much sun, a little sea sickness and not eating very much for a few days. After taking to the people at the Kayak rental shop I stopped into the Parasailing place in the Bay Side near mile marker 104.
Taking Off
I did the 1000 foot ride and got a great view of Key Largo.
1000 ft view
Looking down at the boat
Looking South

Parasailing is a blast and I would recommend it to anyone visiting the Key Largo area.

Key Largo, FL – Pillar Coral, Eagle Rays and Turtles

I came down to Key Largo to get experience with my new dive computer and take photographs. Once again I have been divng with Rainbow Reef Dive Center.
I hear the seas are usually calm this time if the year, we have had 2 to 4 foot waves so far. The sun and waves have been making the boating a little rough but the diving has been fantastic. I have been lucky enough to get some great photographs.
On Friday we made a visit to Pillar Coral Ridge. This is one of the last places in the Florida Keys where Pillar Coral can be found. Like other coral, environmental pressues have been taking its toll on the Pillar Coral.
Me at Pillar Coral Ridge
Pillar Coral
I can’t believe how lucky I have been to see many Spotted Eagle Rays and a Sea Turtle.
Eagle Rays
Saturday I had one come within three feet of me. It was so amazing!
Spotted Eagle Ray
I was also extreamly lucky to get a close up shot of a Green Sea Turtle. I have been trying for three years to get turtle photos like these.
Sea Turtle
Sea Turtle
Rainbow Reef Divemaster Eric and a Sea Turtle

Sea Kayaking in Maine

I recently spent a long weekend at our vacation home in Bristol, Maine, where I got some fantastic photographs while kayaking. I rented one of the used boats for sale at Mid-coast Kayak with the intention of buying it if I liked it. I knew it was the perfect boat for me at a place like the Johns River.

My new Necky Zoar Sport kayak

As I said, I was luckly enough to get some fantactic close up photos of a seal in the Johns River.

Harbor Seal

Monday morning was perfect with sunshine, blue sky and the water like glass.


The seals were out sunning and playing and the lobster men were busy working their traps.

Harbor Seal
Maine Lobster Boat. Old Glory

The lobster men had a crappy morning when they later got hung up on some rocks as the tide was going out. They had to wait another hour and a half for the tide to hit the low point and another two hours for it to get high enough to lift the boat.
Harbor Seal

It’s encouraging to know I will have a kayak that I really like when I go back at the end of July.

istockphoto sample I recently discovered a stock photography Web site that I am impressed with. The site is and is what I would consider a Web 2.0 Website. The stock photo inventory are from Website members. Perhaps this is why the photos are actually affordable! A large photo suitable for most print project sells for 10 credits, which costs $13.
I remember a great article about stock photography by Stephen. He discussed the pros and cons of using stock photography verses photos you take yourself. I found when working on our spring appeal flyer. We were using anonymous patient quotes in conjunction with a photo of a nurse and child. For legal reasons, we did not want people to associate the quote with a photo of an actual patient from our photo library. In this case a stock photo was best. I’m just glad it did not cost a lot.
The other benefit of istockphoto is that photographers can upload and sell thier photos as stock photos. Like I say, it’s a true Web 2.0 site. It’s an eBay for stock media. You never know, it could be an additional source of revenue.
Has anyone else used this site? Do you know of similar sites?