Skiing at Mt. Sunapee

Sunapee SummitChristmas Eve day was my first day of the season on the ski slopes. I took the day off from work and headed to Mt. Sunapee. The weather report said it was going to be a nice day with temperatures in the mid-thirties so was surprised to find overcast skies and the summit covered in fog and snow from their snow guns. It was a little spooky skiing in the low visibility of the “fog like” conditions. It was not until mid-morning that the sun burned through so I could see the view of the lake that  Mt. Sunapee is famous for.View of Lake Sunapee

Although not all the trails were open conditions were good with well groomed packed powder and machine groomed snow.

I also took my video camera with me and experimented with shooting video on the ski slopes. I am working on a short video which I hope to post to my YouTube Channel.

Website Re-design

The Digital Gallery Website

The Digital Gallery Website

It has been months since my last Blogpost. Since finishing my degree program at Franklin Pierce University I will have more time to write (in theory anyway). A project I had put on the back burner was a redesign of my personal Website.

This project had a couple major goals.

  • Switch from using Microsoft Expression Web to Adobe DreamWeaver CS3.
  • Create links in the navigation bar that went to photos, video and social networking site content rather than creating content in traditional Webpages.

This is a standards based Website using Cascading Style Sheets, Spry navigation menu’s and the Spry Accordion in the right toolbar. I also used the DreamWeaver “Image Viewer” control to create a Flash slide show.

I had fun making the banner image. I was able to experiment with making gradients in Photoshop in addition to using an extract filter to isolate objects from the background so they could be used in other graphics.