Rail Trail 2007

Rail Trail in Enfield NH

It has been a good few weeks for riding on the rail trail. There are lots of people out walking, running and riding. The bugs are out so remember your bug dope. The Twin State Trailbusters have been doing a great job taking care of the trail.

Ducks along the Rail Trail beside Mascoma Lake

I have seem many ducks, geese, loons and a beaver along the trail so far this year.

A few notable events coming up connected with the Rail Trail include the Skip Matthews Run on Fathers Day June 17th, 2007. Runners take note. This event is for a good cause. I also saw a flyer for an upcoming Rail Trail Rumble in September to benefit Headrest.


Google Earth Image of Bonaire

Welcome to my newest obsession. A trip to Bonaire in the Netherland Antillies is one of the best underwater photography trips in the Carribbean. I have heard so many people rave about it that I have to go while I still can.

Many of the top ten Reef.com dive sites with the most species diversity in the Carribbean are around Boniare. The dive site with the most recorded species diversity is off of Sand Dollar Condos Resort.

The Geographica.com Bonaire page has been a good source of information. I am researching some places to stay and have it narrowed down a short list.

Getting to Bonaire is still a pain in the ass, even though Contentinal did start new new flights in 2007. A major connection point seems to be Newark, NJ. Most flights from New England seem to put me in Newark for a long layover. As crazy as it seems, it may make sense for me to drive to Newark rather than connect from another local airport. I still need to do more flight research.