istockphoto sample I recently discovered a stock photography Web site that I am impressed with. The site is and is what I would consider a Web 2.0 Website. The stock photo inventory are from Website members. Perhaps this is why the photos are actually affordable! A large photo suitable for most print project sells for 10 credits, which costs $13.
I remember a great article about stock photography by Stephen. He discussed the pros and cons of using stock photography verses photos you take yourself. I found when working on our spring appeal flyer. We were using anonymous patient quotes in conjunction with a photo of a nurse and child. For legal reasons, we did not want people to associate the quote with a photo of an actual patient from our photo library. In this case a stock photo was best. I’m just glad it did not cost a lot.
The other benefit of istockphoto is that photographers can upload and sell thier photos as stock photos. Like I say, it’s a true Web 2.0 site. It’s an eBay for stock media. You never know, it could be an additional source of revenue.
Has anyone else used this site? Do you know of similar sites?

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