Dive at Sunken Forest in Rye, NH

During the last weekend of July Eileen and I went to Sunken Forest dive site near Odiorne Point in Rye, New Hampshire. Eileen found one of the petrified stumps on Saturday’s dive.

On Sunday I brought the Kodak PlaySport camera. I got both video and stills. However I think I took the camera too deep and the camera died but I saved the video and photographs.

Sunken Forest Dive July 2011-1-3 Base Camp
Base Camp at Sunken Forest

It is a shallow dive site that is much easier to do during high tide.It is also the perfect dive training location.

Sunken Forest Dive July 2011-1

Sunken Forest Dive July 2011-3

Even though it is shallow it is an interesting dive site because it reminds me of a giant tide pool.

Burrowing Anemone at Sunken Forest Dive Site
Burrowing Anemone at Sunken Forest Dive Site

Eileen spotted some Burrowing Anemone. I had never seen these before some it was a great find.

Periwinkle Climbing Eelgrass
Periwinkle climbing a blade of eel grass

This Periwinkle climbing a blade of eel-grass was an unusual scene worthy of a photo.

Sunken Forest Dive July 2011-1 Coral Weed
Coral Weed at Sunken Forest

Upon getting home I compiled a list of marine life we had observed.


  • Irish Moss
  • Knotted Wrack
  • Spiral Rockweed
  • Sea Lettuce
  • Tubed Weeds
  • Coral Weed
  • Eel Grass
  • Crustose Algae

Cnidarian (Anemone & Coral)

  • Burrowing Anemone


  • Smooth Periwinkle
  • Common Periwinkle
  • Blue Mussel


  • Green Crab
  • Sand Shrimp
  • Northern Rock Barnacle
  • Rough Barnacle
  • Hermit Crab (of some kind)