Kayak trip to South Bristol, Maine

Wednesday was a perfect day for kayaking on the Johns River. I got up early with plans of heading down towards Johns Bay and South Bristol.
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The wind was light and coming from land, which keeps the waves down. It was just me, the lobstermen, and the birds on the water. I paddled across the Johns past Peabow Island and headed south at Sproul Point.
Johns River, Maine
Lobsterboat on the Johns River, Maine
I passed High Island, paddled along the shore and turned into McFarlands Cove just as two sailboats were getting underway.
Sailboat on the Johns River, Maine
I continued behind Witch Island through a channel named “The Gut” to the village of South Bristol, Maine. I rounded the corner and went past the South Bristol [Lobster] Co-op.
South Bristol Co-op
Next I watched some lobstermen loading their boat using a winch (it was low tide).
Loading a lobsterboat in South Bristol, Maine
Finally Osier’s wholesale seafood market and general store next to the bridge over the channel to Damariscotta River.
I was able to get under the bridge with my kayak, just just barely. I had finally made it over to the Damariscotta River. I decided to turn around and head back and got to see the South Bristol bridge open to let a boat through.
Bridge in South Bristol, Maine
On the way back I noticed something strange in the water behind Witch Island. A stuffed bear was tied to a reclining chair and placed on a platform out in the water. I bet there is a good story why the bear is out here.
Bear in a chair behind Witch Island near South Bristol, Maine
I made it back about 11:30 and was ready for a rest after spending about three and a half hours in the kayak. Overall it was a great trip.