Hiking Mt. Cardigan South Ridge Trail on September 24, 2022

The foliage was not at peak yet, but it was still colorful. I decided to hike Mt. Cardigan again but take the South Ridge Trail for some different views.

This trail offers a nice view of Newfound Lake.

Hikers can also see the Groton wind farm from the south ridge trail.

The final leg of the trail to the summit is quite steep but you get some great views.

Lots of people in the region complain about the wind farms. I have been near oil refineries (like Texas City near Galveston, Texas) and wind farms. Oil refineries are far more ugly.

I’m getting closer to the summit.

The last leg of the Clark Trail is very steep!

But you get some cool photos that illustrate the angle that we have to climb to get to the summit.

When I got to the summit the wind was strong and cold. I put every layer of clothing that I had in my backpack on. You can see the ripples from the wind on the rain puddle behind the fire tower.

I was surprised to see a squirrel stuck on one of the brackets on the side of the fire tower. The way the wind was blowing it’s no wonder it was scared to jump and get it self off of the tower.

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