Kayaking the Connecticut River and Mink Brook June 5 2022

The Connecticut River above the Wilder Dam is a great place to see wildlife while kayaking. I was a beautiful June morning as I put in at the Wilder boat landing with a plan to head up river to Mink Brook.

It turned out that I did not have to go far for my first wildlife encounter. It turned out there was a family of Mallard ducks right near the boat landing.

I eventually move on and headed up river towards Mink Brook. I encountered a few other Mallard ducks sunning on a log.

I finally made it into Mink Brook. I usually see lots of Mallards in the area, I was surprised to see a female Wood Duck. She did have some chicks with her, but they stayed hidden in all of the branches and brush near the shore.

On my way back to the boat landing I encountered the same family of ducks that I photographed when starting the trip.

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