Kayaking on Mascoma Lake

Sunday, September 28th was another great Autumn day for a kayak trip. Mascoma Lake is a short drive from my place in Lebanon, which made it a good choice for an afternoon paddle.

Although the foliage was near the peak of color, it felt like summer again. Needless to say, there was lots of boat traffic on the lake. To avoid the traffic I headed to the mouth of the Mascoma River.

Mascoma Lake Sep 28 2014-1It seems the ducks had the same ideas as I did about finding a quiet corner of the lake to relax in the sun.

Mascoma Lake Sep 28 2014-3Mascoma Lake Sep 28 2014-2Mascoma Lake Sep 28 2014-4Several were feeding nearby as I drifted around on my kayak.

Mascoma Lake Sep 28 2014-6Mascoma Lake Sep 28 2014-8After a while I paddled under Shaker Bridge to the “small” section of the lake. I got to watch a young couple playing with their dog on the shore.

Mascoma Lake Sep 28 2014-11That dog was a great jumper and swimmer!

I paddled back over to the boat landing and sailboats hoping some people were going for an afternoon sail.

Mascoma Lake Sep 28 2014-13I was in luck and was able to watch one boat leaving the landing area.

Mascoma Lake Sep 28 2014-14Mascoma Lake Sep 28 2014-15A sailboats gliding across the water is really nice to watch with the foliage in the background.Mascoma Lake Sep 28 2014-16Mascoma Lake Sep 28 2014-17It was another great afternoon of paddling on the water.

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