Kayak Trip to Hebron Marsh on Newfound Lake

I was able to get in a lot of kayaking over the 4th of July holiday. Saturday I went back to Newfound Lake to explore more of the Hebron Bay and Cockermouth River area.

This time I came prepared with the Pentax and 300mm lens.

By drifting very slowly and quietly I was able to get very close to this duck. From the color of the ducks head, and especially the eye band, I would say this is a Black Duck. However I noticed some green colored feathers like you might see on a Mallard. This could be one of the hybrid Mallard and Black Duck that I had read about.

Black DuckThe duck got pretty comfortable with me quietly drifting in my kayak. I even got a few close-up action shots.

Hebron Marsh July 6 2013-3

Hebron Marsh July 6 2013-4

I expected to find some turtles getting a little sun and I was not disappointed.

Hebron Marsh July 6 2013-5

Hebron Marsh July 6 2013-6

I spotted what appeared to be a couple otters swimming at the mouth of the Cockermouth River. I tried to snap a photo but of course it came out blurry.

I missed several opportunities to photograph a Great Blue Heron before I drifted by this one. I am amazed how tall this heron is.

Hebron Marsh July 6 2013-7I drifted back out towards the lake and encountered my friend the Black Duck again. He let me drift very close as it preened it’s feathers on the shore.

Hebron Marsh July 6 2013-10

Hebron Marsh July 6 2013-13

I left the duck and headed out towards the lake on my way to the Audubon Center. Next thing I know a family of Canadian Geese swam by.

Hebron Marsh July 6 2013-16

The photo below is one of my favorites since I got both of the adults together.

Hebron Marsh July 6 2013-15The family swam off as I headed back toward the Audubon Center. Much to my amazement I encountered another flock of geese hanging out on the beach.

Hebron Marsh July 6 2013-18I had a nice visit at the Audubon Center and even got a chance for a quick swim to cool off. As I approached the Cockermouth River and the boat landing another family of geese appeared.

Hebron Marsh July 6 2013-22The Cockermouth River and Newfound Lake is a fantastic area to kayak and observe (and photograph) wildlife. It’s on my list of kayaking spots to return to.

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