Kayak Trip to Grafon Pond

The kayaking fun continued on Sunday with an early morning trip to Grafton Pond. I brought my Pentax with the 300mm lens.

We were extremely lucky and had the privilege to have several close encounters with wildlife during the trip.

Early in the trip we spotted a Loon and several chicks. We drifted quietly while they swam on by us. We all remained very quiet and moved very slowly. Grafton Pond 4 Star-1

The adult Loon kept dunking its head underwater as it swam around. I assume it was looking for fish and other food to dive after.


Grafton Pond 4 Star-7

The next amazing encounter was with a Great Blue Heron. I still can’t believe that it did not fly off.

Grafton Pond 5 Star-8Grafton Pond 4 Star-10

A while later in another part of the pond we noticed a couple kayakers looking up at the top of a tree. One had a camera with a large lens. (He later told me it was a 400mm.) It turns out they had noticed a Great Blue Heron nest with several chicks. While we were all watching one of the parent herons returned to the nest and began to feed the chicks.

Grafton Pond 5 Star-12Grafton Pond 5 Star-13I feel fortunate to have witnessed this scene. Great Blue Heron are one of my favorite birds!


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