My Largest Trout (so far)

Saturday the 12th was my first chance to go ice fishing this season. Higher Ground Pond was high on the list of place to go since we had such good luck there during the summer and fall and it was now open for fishing year round.

A rainy Friday night had turned into a warm and foggy Saturday morning. This hills around the pond were shrouded in fog and cloud giving the place a surreal appearance. We discovered about 5 to 6 inches of solid ice with a layer of wet, slushy snow on top. We were not happy about the wet conditions but were happy the ice was thick enough to be safe.

Jack and I had one flag over the course of five hours, but it was a good strike. We arrived at the tip-up to see the reel spinning like crazy. Jack was kind enough to let me try and land the fish. I waited until the fish was on its second run and had turned direction before trying to hook it and haul it in. It turned out to be a 22 inch, 4 1/2 pound Brown Trout. This is the largest trout have ever caught in my life (so far). As luck would have it, I forgot my video camera at home and all I had was a low quality phone camera.

22 inch Brown Trout
22 inch Brown Trout caught January 12th, 2013.

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