Alistair MacLean Novels on my 2011 Reading List

Alistair MacLean has always been one of my favorite authors. Barnes and Noble has been publishing many of his popular novels in ebook (EPUB) format.  There were some books where I had seen the movie adaption but had never read the book. There were other MacLean ebooks I had not read at all yet sounded good.

My first MacLean novel of 2011 was River of Death. This was one I had not read before. The story was excellent and exceeded my expectations.

The next book I read was Ice Station Zebra. This was one where I had seen the movie many times but had not read the book. The book was slightly different from the movie but still a dam good story.

Going on the movie theme the next MacLean novel I selected was Where Eagles Dare. I loved the movie. The movie followed the book very well except for one interesting exception. In the book Lieutenant Schaffer (Played by Eastwood in the movie) would call Major Smith “boss” when speaking to him. Thankfully they changed that for the movie script. I can’t see Schaffer as portrayed by Clint Eastwood calling Major Smith “boss.”

The next MacLean novel I selected was HMS Ulysses. This was his first novel which he published in 1955. It’s an excellent World War II story “based on the ill-fated Convoy PQ-17.”

I just started reading The Guns of Navarone. This is another example where I had seen the movie and had not read the book. I plan to move right onto Force 10 from Navarone for my next book. It will be interesting to compare Force 10 with the movie.

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