Boston Museum of Fine Arts Trip

On the Saturday after Thanksgiving we went to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston to check out the new Art of the Americas Wing.

But before we even made it to the new wing we noticed an amazing example of both fine craftsmanship and illusion near the lunch court.

Glass and Mirror Illusion

From one end the glass object seem to go off into infinity.

Glass Mirror Illusion

From the side we see the display is only several feet long.

The lower floor of the new wing has some fantastic Central and South American artifacts from the Mayan, Olmec, Aztec and Inca civilizations. The carved Conch shell horn below is an example of amazing craftsmanship.

Carved Conch Shell

The maritime history room is impressive. The room contains numerous ship models, artifacts and historical maritime art.

Maratime History Room Ship Models

British ships of the line at Algiers

The painting above is by Robert Salmon depicting the 1816 bombardment of Algiers by the English and Dutch.

I like this painting of an icebound whaling ship by American artist William Bradford.

Driftwood by Winslow Homer

The painting above is titled Driftwood by Winslow Homer. He did a fantastic job capturing the violence and energy of the ocean. He painted it while staying at his family home on Prouts Neck in Maine. This was his last major painting before his death in 1910.

The Lookout by Winslow Homer

I had not seen this Winslow Homer painting before but I really like it. It is titled The Lookout – “All’s Well”.

Fishing Party by Fitz H. Lane

This is titled Fishing Party by Fitz H. Lane, who is another one of my favorite artists.

Mt. Desert Island, Maine by William Haseltine

The painting above is titled A View from Mount Desert by William S. tells us “William Haseltine became best known as a landscape and marine painter who had a special talent for conveying light and geological detail.” I had never heard of him before but I am now a fan.

View of the Round Top by Thomas Cole

Another new artist I now like is Thomas Cole. The painting above is titled View from the Round-Top in the Catskill Mountains which he did in 1827.

Otter Creek, Mt. Desert by Edwin Church

This is another painting of Mount Desert Island in Maine. It is titled Otter Creek, Mt Desert by Frederick Edwin Church, who is another one of my favorite artists.

I look forward to going back to the museum when I have more time and the crowds are smaller. There is lots more to explore.

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