Kayaking and Swimming at Lake Sunapee

Sunday, August 29th was HOT so we spent the day at Lake Sunapee State Park Beach, which is only a short 45 minute drive from home.

Lake Sunapee State Park Beach

It’s a small beach but it has a lot going for it. The park has a bathroom, changing room and store. They have charcoal grills on the grass near the beach. You can rent kayaks and canoes just past the swimming area for 10 dollars per hour. Their kayak fleet did not include anything with a rudder so I was a little disappointed. We ended up with some Old Town kayaks.


We headed north toward Great Island which brought us far enough away from the shore for a nice view of Mt. Sunapee. The photo shows the Wingding and Westside trail on the Sun Bowl side of the mountain.

There was lots of boat traffic on the lake and we got to watch many water skiers, with a few doing some cool jumps. The guy in the photo above was getting some good air.

After about an hour or so we headed back to the shore for some relaxation on the beach and a swim. The ability to kayak and swim makes Lake Sunapee State park beach a great summer destination. It was a fantastic day and turned out to be our last beach trip of the summer.

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