Camping and Kayaking on the Connecticut River

For the past few months I had been buying camping equipment in preparation for some summer trips. The weekend of June 26 was our fist trip. The goal was to stay close to home and learn about the equipment. The tent is a King Pine Dome from LL Bean. I am happy with the tent. I am also glad I brought the EZ-up shelter. It works well for making a small “porch” or setting up near your picnic table.
We stayed at the Pastures Campground in Orford, NH. We got a tent site near the Connecticut River and rented kayaks for a Sunday trip.

Our tent

Eileen and I hoped to see some dragonflies and damselflies since she had just attended the New Hampshire Dragonfly Survey training program. We paddled upriver under the Orford-Fairlee bridge to the mouth of Jacobs Brook and a large back-in.

Orford Fairlee Bridge

Eileen and the cliffs of Fairlee

It turned out to be a great place to find dragonflies and damselflies. The photo below is a Bluet Damselfly.

Bluet Damselfly

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