Kayaking on the Johns River, Maine

I am back in Bristol, Maine this week, for what could be one of the last trips. I hope to get some good days for kayaking, photography and perhaps some fishing this year. Good photographs are even more important this year for preserving memories.
I arrived Friday evening and the place was socked in with fog. It had cleared out by Saturday morning and I was able to get out on the water. Before I even left I soptted a Great Blue Heron feeding in the cove next to the deck.
Great Blue Heron
Several lobster boats were checking their traps as I made my way towards the far side of the Johns River.
Maine Lobster Boat
The seals were hauled out enjoying the sun. This time of the year they are still pupping and moutling so they are hauled out more time than normal. I could not get too close as they are pretty skittish this time of the year. I was surrounded by a group of swimming seals most of the trip. They kept pretty good taps on me and played games as I paddled along.
Seals on the Johns River, Maine
Seals on the Johns River, Maine
I came off the water for the hot part of the day and waited until evening for a short sunset trip.
sunset kakak trip in Maine
I was treated to another fantastic Maine sunset as dinner was cooking.
Happy hour in Maine

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