Independence Day 2008 on Molasses Reef

Forth of July 2008 is one I will never forget!
Diving out of Islamorada was great but I was glad to be back on Molasses Reef. Visibility was fantastic and we had many sea life sightings. We saw more Spotted Eagle Rays and several sharks including a Black Tip Reef shark.
Spotted Eagle Ray
Spotted Eagle Ray
Black Tip Reef Shark
We also saw a couple nurse sharks and I was lucky enough to get close enough at the right angle for some good photos.
Nurse Shark
Nurse Shark
I used up a lot of air chasing all those eagle rays and sharks so I hung out under the boat while the others were chasing a turtle. I was able to get a nice photo of a Nassau Grouper and a Queen Angelfish.
Nassau Grouper
Queen Angelfish
It looks like this one got part of its tail bit off.

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