Hens and Chickens Reef

We dove out of Islamorada on Thursday, July 3rd and spent the day at Hens and Chickens reef. It’s a shallow reef with some great coral profiles and lots of sea life. I was able to get a nice close-up of these barracuda near the surface.
Barracuda at Hens and Chickens reef
The big treat was another close encounter with a green sea turtle.
green sea turtle
green sea turtle

We had been seeing several large Tarpon crusing the area but I was having a hard time getting a good photo. I managed to get this shot just before the battery in my camera died.
Tarpon at Hens and Chickens Reef

2 thoughts on “Hens and Chickens Reef

  1. Thanks Daniel!
    I believe Hens and Chickens also refers to a type of reef formation with one patch reef in the center surrounded by several smaller patches. Becuase of this there are many reefs with that name all over the world. The dive boat captain told me the term is from back the days of sailing ships.

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