Shark Day

Monday turned out to be a great day for shark sightings. I saw a total of four sharks, but only got photos of three and pretty good photos of two. Both these sharks were at Molasses Reef.
Shark at Molasses Reef
In addition to sharks I saw two turtles and more Spotted Eagle Rays.

Turtle and dive master Jesus
Spotted Eagle Ray
I learned that I was seeing more Eagle Rays during this trip because there are more around in the spring and summer than winter when I made my previous trips to Key Largo.
I also got a few photos of Rainbow Reef staff members.
Whitney and Cherry
Whitney let me user her new SeaLife DSC800 to take a picture of her and Cherry. Excellent camera! I would love to upgrade and buy one.
Whitney taking a photo of a sea turtle
This is a shot of Whitney taking a photo of a sea turtle.
Divemaster Jesus
Jesus was my divemaster three years ago when I fist came down to Key Largo. He know the reef extreamly well and can usualy find some marine life to photograph. He was the divemaster for the afternoon dive.
Divemaster Chris
Chris was the divemaster for the morning trip. The current was strong and we use up our air faster than normal, but we had some good marine life sightings.

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