Nubble Light – last dive of the season

Striper at Nubble Light

I went to Nubble Light for my last dive of the season. The visibility was great (for New England) and we saw lots of sea life including the striped bass pictured above. It was not a big fish for a striper, but it came close enough for some good photos.

Flounder swimming across the kelp

We saw several flounder during the two dives. I lost count of the Lobster. This one (below) got a little pissed off and pinched the wide-angle lens of my camera.

Pissed-off Lobster

Towards the end of our swim, my dive buddy Mark pointed out an Anemone in a crevice between two enormous rocks. The light was not great and it was a difficult shot but I had to try. I think I need a strobe to do justice to an Anemone photo in New England. So far I have only seen them in deeper water where ambient light is low.


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