A few key quotes from this article tell the truth about the war in Iraq. These quotes are from a letter home.

Maj. Michael Mundell told his 17-year-old, Erica (nicknamed “Eddie”), on Friday, Oct. 27, 2006. “It’s a fight of 10 man squads in the dark, of ambushes and snipers and IEDs. When I go out to fight, it’s usually with less than 20 men … And I go out to fight almost every day.”

In another letter he writes,

“Folks, I am very tired. We seem to be doing little, the city is mostly trash, rubble and AIF [Anti-Iraq Forces], and frankly I am tired of being a walking bull’s-eye for anyone with an AK and nothing better to do, which includes most of the populace, apparently. We have found three IEDs before they could explode under our trucks.”

See the full article on MSNBC

This is a war where the objective has changed from weapons of mass destruction to getting Saddam to being targets in the middle of a religious war. How can we “win” as Bush says? How many armies have ever won a war by engaging in the type of combat our troops are fighting in Iraq? On top of this, Bush threatend to veto a bill to get our troops out by September of 2008, which is far too long if you ask me. If we are going to leave, then what is the point of throwing lives and resources away? Imagine if we put the resources we put into the war into rebuilding New Orleans?

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