Shipwrecks of Lake Champlain

Wreck of the O.J. Walker in 60 feet of water in Burlington Bay
One of my goals for the summer was to dive on a couple of the shipwrecks in Lake Champlain. The lake contains some of the best preserved historical shipwreck in our country. I am fortunate to live close enough to visit them. I learned a lot about Lake Champlain history as a result of the trips.
The wrecks are part of the Vermont Underwater Preserve. The wrecks I visited were the O.J. Walker and the General Butler. They are both sailng canal boats. A sailing canal boat could lower the masts while traveling through the canals then put them back up for the trip up the lake or river. They were common on the lake during a period known as the Commercial Era (1823 – 1845).

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