UV Summer Activities: Kayaking the Upper Connecticut River

Orford to Piermont, NH
I spotted an ad in the Valley News saying The Pastures Campground in Orford, NH rents kayaks and canoes. The Pastures is located right next to the Orford boat landing, so I knew they were in a good location for a upper Connecticut river trip. Since we had fantastic weather last Sunday, I decided it was a good day for an afternoon river trip.
I was impressed with the boat I rented. It was a Heritage Featherlight Kayak. I like the fact that it had footrest inside unlike the Old Town Otter I used for the lower Connecticut River trip. They gave me a paddle by Perception which I could set up with offset blades, which was nice. I rented the boat for a half day, which only cost $15. They have one tandem (2-person) kayak and six to eight single kayaks.
Just a little way past the Orford-Fairlee bridge I paddled into a back-in and had a close encounter with a flock of Canadian Geese. I continued up river for a couple hours and turned around near the Orford Piermont town line along Rt. 10. On the way back I photographed a Great Blue Heron fishing along the shore.
It was a great trip and a good rental experience. I would rent from them again and recommend it to other people.

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