In the News: House approves minimum wage increase

GOP couples boost with estate tax cut, but problems foreseen in Senate

I’m not sure I like our political practice of putting multiple items on one bill put before congress. It may be part of the “give and take” process necessary to get things done, but it is too easy to abuse the system. The practice also encourages “pork-barrel” politics and other abuses. The bill discussed in the news couples a minimum wage increase with a reduction in the estate tax.

“Just think of what it is to have a bill that says to minimum wage workers,‘We’ll raise your minimum wage but only if we can give an estate tax cut to the 7,500 wealthiest families in America,”’ said Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.

Something for the rich (as if they need it) and something for the poor sums up my take on the situation. I see these as unrelated issues. Why are we voting for them on the same bill? Looks like an attempt to pass the estate tax reduction on the merit of the minimum wage incease. Would the estate tax bill pass on its own bill?

Full Associated Press article on MSNBC

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